One of the most rewarding aspects of working as a photographer, is seeing the finished ad. It can be challenging to make products come to life but it was detailed planning and a great team effort with the folks at Allen & Gerritsen  that made these scientific instruments look heroic in the morning sun. Once we shot the elements it was retoucher, Emily Scalici, who composed all of the photos into one final image. Enjoy the behind the scenes photos below to see how it came together.

Creative Directors: Gary Greenberg & Eivind Ueland
Copywriter: Chris Lee
Art Director: Matt Kiley

Founded in 1958, Waters’ first office was in the basement of the Framingham, MA police station. Today, Waters is a global leader in analytical technologies with operations in 27 countries.

Our intern Elise (left), is giddy with excitement for her first security badge but unfortunately she had to return it with much sadness at the end of the shoot.

We photographed all of the machines individually to give them the best looking light!

Michael comes in tight to get a detail shot of the instrument.


We always follow through on our promises.  A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we were doing a marketing overhaul and that our new portfolio was being baked in the oven.

Well, our promise has been delivered.  A new portfolio has landed at 33 A Street!   … and we happen to think it’s pretty sexy.

Call us if you’d like to be one of the first to see this beauty in person… we’d be happy to drop by.

Big thanks to Scott Mullenberg at Mullenberg Designs for hand-crafting this fine work of art to safely house and beautifully showcase our photography.


We’ve been having lots o’ fun this week, gearing up for St. Patty’s Day in Southie–the capital of Irish Boston and humble home to our studio.  Join in on the fun and check out some behind-the-scenes photos from our recent St. Patrick-inspired splash test… because hey, if you can’t drink beer during normal business hours, you might as well splash it.  Sláinte!

The spotless calm before the storm.  Let’s get this party started!

Digital Tech, Jen, skillfully creates the perfect splash, while Michael and our incredible intern, Elise, look on in amazement.

Studio Producer, Caleb, tries to defy gravity with a different technique – the reverse splash.

The Aftermath.  Guinness, green beer, and Heineken kegs… who ever said we had to be all work and no play?!

The Final Ad.


Just as the first signs of spring are starting to show here in Boston, a fresh new look is beginning to bloom here at the studio.  Over the past few months we’ve been putting our heads together to design brand new portfolio books and redesign our website, showcasing Michael’s latest and greatest work.  While it may seem like an easy task to simply “update” our look, lots of behind-the-scenes efforts, extended hours, and hard decisions actually go into producing a brand new book, website, and promotional mailers.  Take a sneak peek into our studio to see what we’ve been doing to pull all of this together.  It’s been a real team effort!

Jen (assistant/digital tech) and Lauren (marketing guru) have a friendly debate over the layout of the new portfolio.

After hours of cutting, taping, flip-flopping, debating and rethinking, the final order is agreed upon.

Jen fine-tunes the color — a very tedious, time-consuming process which results in the highest quality prints.

Portfolio designers from all over the country sent us samples of countless color and texture options — it was hard for us to choose the perfect combination.  We also sent out promotional mailers with custom stamps.  For everyone out there who received one, we hope you enjoy.

We’ll be back in the next few weeks to show you the final portfolio design – stay tuned!


We usually try to keep it casual and fun in the studio, but a few weeks ago (coincidentally during New York’s Fashion Week) we were all business, with a clothing shoot of high quality ties and dress shirts. Sabrina Strelitz from Team went to Marc Allen, a men’s luxury clothing maker and boutique, and brought some exquisitely made clothes for us to shoot. The images were so sharp it made us think about instituting a Formal Friday–but only for a second. Take a peak at the behind-the-scenes images below!

These classic silk ties would complement any man’s wardrobe.

Dress(shirts) for success.

A person who collects ties is known as Grabatologist.  Who knew?


Sabrina carefully lines up the ties on the back of a Herman Miller Chair.

According to physicists, there are 85 Ways to tie a tie.

Michael and Sabrina work on the best camera angle and arrangement of the shirts.

Studio producer, Caleb, wishes this was his closet!