One of the most rewarding aspects of working as a photographer, is seeing the finished ad. It can be challenging to make products come to life but it was detailed planning and a great team effort with the folks at Allen & Gerritsen  that made these scientific instruments look heroic in the morning sun. Once we shot the elements it was retoucher, Emily Scalici, who composed all of the photos into one final image. Enjoy the behind the scenes photos below to see how it came together.

Creative Directors: Gary Greenberg & Eivind Ueland
Copywriter: Chris Lee
Art Director: Matt Kiley

Founded in 1958, Waters’ first office was in the basement of the Framingham, MA police station. Today, Waters is a global leader in analytical technologies with operations in 27 countries.

Our intern Elise (left), is giddy with excitement for her first security badge but unfortunately she had to return it with much sadness at the end of the shoot.

We photographed all of the machines individually to give them the best looking light!

Michael comes in tight to get a detail shot of the instrument.


A shoot we did for these massive chromatography machines.
Chromatography you ask?

Chromatography is a physical method of separation in which
the components to be separated are distributed between two phases,
one of which is stationary (stationary phase)
while the other (the mobile phase) moves in a definite direction.
(thanks Wikipedia!)

We didn’t have to understand how to use these machines, (thankfully!)
we just needed Michael’s expertise with lighting to make them glow.