Michael’s fond childhood memories of the smell of homemade pasta came to life during this shoot. It was a wonderful way to spend the day returning to his roots, making great pictures of handmade fettuccine and ravioli along with some gorgeous vine-ripened tomatoes.  While Jen is not working on setting up lights and whizzing through file management for our clients, she is a gourmet cook at home. Enjoy our behind-the-scenes photos of her making the pasta… and then feast on the final images!

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta.

These tomatoes would make a wonderful primavera sauce.

Fettuccine the way it should be: Fresh!

The Italian word for tomato is pomodoro… Translation: “golden apple.”


Jen uses her ingenuity as she hangs the pasta on a C-Stand.

An old family cookbook can’t be wrong when it comes to tasty recipes.

Jen carefully punches out the ravioli.


The smell of cookies and chocolate have been permeating our studio this week… lucky for us, all the baking was done just in time for Valentine’s Day!  So sit back, relax, and indulge yourself with some of our favorite pieces of eye candy. (calorie-free, of course!)

Food stylist, Monica Mariano from Ennis, fills heart-shaped sugar cookies with jammy goodness.

Monica perfects the chocolate ganache tart…  no detail too small.Image

Monica delicately coats the chocolate tart with cocoa powder.



It took all of our willpower combined not to dive into these delectable confections before shooting… but, we got the shots!  Enjoy.

Beautiful prop styling by Lauren Niles of Ennis.



Not long ago we were contacted by the great people at Staples to see if we could create 6 different environments in the comfort of the studio. Of course we said yes and it turned out to be much easier than we thought. We had two moveable walls constructed and some great styling by Sara Mills-Broffman. The sets looked so good, we almost moved in!

Jen (from left), Rob and Sara prep the home office set.

Photo assistant Rob is all smiles.

Rob uses his strength to pull the two walls together.


Check out the final environments featured on the Staples site… that was easy!

Executive Office

Conference Room

Corner Office

Home Office

Living Room