We had the great opportunity to shoot for the BJ’s Member Journal recently. Working with their creative team and many different talented stylists over the course of multiple days was a fun time. The variety of the sets and shots are one of the great parts of shooting for them, as well as seeing some familiar faces.

Always relaxed and calm, Sara Mills-Broffman stakes her spot on the beach set, for the next shot.

Prop stylist turned florist, Caroline Woodward trims the stems of these beautiful roses.

Food stylist Sunny Ricks sorts through and cuts up the best pieces of fruit for an attractive and appetizing looking platter.

Multi-talented stylist and hair/make-up artist, Courtney Kilmartin keeps a watchful eye on the models skin under the studio lights.

The guest of honor, Lulu,  blissfully takes a nap in Loretta’s arms.


All of this blissfully warm weather lately has been making us pretty thirsty here in the studio.  So… we decided to quench our thirst with some delightfully sparkling beverages to transport us right into the New England summer.  (or at least until we reach the bottom of the glass and the chilly temps return)  Here are some pieces of eye candy we shot… they might just inspire you to make some citrusy cocktails of your own this warm weekend.  Cheers!

Drinking 8 glasses of water per day can just get plain old boring.  But how about adding a dash of lemon and few sprigs of mint?  Yes, please.


Blueberry cocktails never looked so inviting.


Splish splash… Florida oranges are back in action for the summer.


Jen (food-stylist-for-the-day) works some behind-the-scenes magic.

Jen, where’d you get those bartending skills from?


We’ve been known to do a few behind-the-scenes videos in our day, but a few months ago we decided it was time to do something a little different; a bit more… unexpected.  We wanted to take our audience (you) on a journey through an actual ice cream photo shoot, to see what really goes into getting that perfect shot of mouth-watering, creamy-cool goodness… but through the “eyes” of the ice cream, itself.  Our client, Baskin-Robbins, was kind enough to let us put their delectable ice cream on stage for its 15 minutes of fame… resulting in our short video, “Life of a Scoop.” (keep scrolling down)

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the video shoot to whet your palette.

Michael and Justin set up the shot so it looks great from every angle.

Ice cream stylist, Mary–always a good sport–wore a flattering GoPro Helmet Cam so that we could all take an intimate look inside the life of an ice cream scoop.

Swirling the ice cream tub (as Mary cut it in half) created some cool visual effects for our video.

Please LIKE our video on the APA Short Video Contest page to increase our rating in the contest… it’ll only take a second and we’ll owe you a scoop.  Enjoy the show!

[wpvideo ZcyLDIV7]


Recently, the new Velcro website went live. It was a project we worked on over the course of a few months, which we are excited to share.  It is extremely satisfying to see the final results and that all of the hard work paid off. We shot five different locations and nearly one hundred pieces of Velcro for the new packaging and website.Take a look at the final shots that made it to the website as well as the behind the scenes photos below to see how it all came together. Be sure to check out Velcro’s website to check out all the surprising ways you can use Velcro every day!


Outdoor and Leisure

In the Home



In the Kitchen


Creative Director, Jim, works studiously on the layout in the classroom.

Michael and Jim huddle over the monitor as Velcro Brand manager Taylor (back left) and agency Brand Director Mike, keep a watchful eye on the shot.

Senior Designer Megan, works with Michael to line up perfect angle for the shot.

The Breakfast Club or the Photo Club? The crew wraps the shoot on a Saturday afternoon with a group photo.