The entire creative crew donated their time to fight domestic violence for the
Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Indresano’s in-house producer, Michele Doucette, styled the entire job as well as producing it.


Creative Director, Tim Needham, the Mastermind behind the concept.
Seen here casting for the Boston Chainsaw Massacre.


Where’s the beef? We found it at City Packing Co., who kindly opened their freezer doors to us.
“It’s not acceptable to treat a woman like one.”

Final Poster

Capturing all of the many parts that are pieced together for the final image.

Kathleen Roche (Production Services Manager) volunteered her time to model the dresses for a good cause.


“It’s not acceptable to treat a woman like one.”

Final Poster


For two days Michael shot everything on the campus of Bay State College in the Back Bay

Here are some selections from the fashion department and their show:

Michael in action


Tim Sprague explaining the plan to the client.


Lyndsey Peterson relaxing after obtaining over 150 model releases!


Student/model preparing for the runway

Student/designer making last minute touch-ups.


The thrilling shoot went into the night culminating with the fabulous fashion show.


From casting talent, to shooting products and finishing with models energizing the set, we had a fun and smooth week with the fantastic Staples crew!

Staples Interactive Designer Erin Millard and Art Director Laura Wilkas starting the day by looking over the shot list.


Back to school wardrobe with stylist Kelly McDermott from Ennis.

Have to keep caffeinated and well fed!

Erin and co-worker on set while Michael sets up the shots.


Back packs, the essential back to school item, with Amy Vath, Staples Design Manager, and Laura directing the model Ashley Carlson, from Image Makers.


It takes many hands to make the perfect back pack perfect!


Laura and intern Robyn with producer Michele reviewing the shots.


The Staples team, jumping for joy at the completion of a great 5 day shoot!


Hudson High School student, Nic Conely, spent the day at the studio as part of his school project to shadow a professional photographer.

Digital tech Rob Coshow gives Nic and his mom, Lara, an inside perspective on the studio.

Nic Conley; Husdon HS


Bi-weekly meeting with our legendary business coach, Elaine Totten-Davis, which we always look forward to for a good brainstorming session.


Elaine and our producer, mid-meeting.

Look who’s adding his two cents!


Michael Indresano and Elaine seriously working hard!


Michael Screams for Ice Cream!
How irresistible…

Food stylist Kelly Upson in the deep freeze.

Michele examining the perfect gummy worms with Kelly and her assistant.

The boys, Michael and digital tech Rob Coshow, patiently waiting for the ice cream to be prepped, for shooting and tasting!

Making the picture perfect sundae is no quick fix.

Finally time, working the soft serve machine for the ultimate swirl.

Melting stand-in, soon to be Michael’s third ice cream of the day.

Client Chris Seremetis couldn’t let the non-picture perfect swirl go to waste….


Art buyer Amy Rappeport chose Michael as the perfect collaborator for the Zip Car project, soon to be unveiled.

Keep your eyes open for a jar full of cash
soon to be appearing in Harvard Square!
(SEE BELOW…just added)


Michael with Kevin Barlow (Art Director) and Jonathan Braun (Project Coordinator) arranging the loot.


Look out for those hands….


The shot in process

Kevin with digital imaging artist/retoucher Chris Donovan strategically arranging the cash to ensure a seamless graphic wrap-around for the final output. (Jonathan is looking on.)


Cha..ching, cha..ching, Foxwoods here we come!


Inside Art Director Kevin Barlow’s brain.


This jar will be magically filled…….



Now, if we could share this magic, we could solve the world economic crisis!

The final shot in Harvard Square


The preliminary layout.

The hair is not the only thing…can’t forget the make-up.


Now, it is all about the hair on set with stylist Courtney Kilmartin
On set, get ready, GO!

Almost there, remember that layout?

Award-winning Art Director Tim Needham on set, directing.


The team checking out the days fruits, making their picks.

Print ready!


Hired by Twisted Tea, Indresano studio recently had the challenge of creating summer in the studio during a snowy February in Boston. Searching for the perfect scene, our in-house producer Michele Doucette choose a lake stock photo, blew it up 15 feet wide, hired a team to build a “dock”, and ship in dirt and seasonal props from CA to build the set. Then arrived the perfect model…the well-known TV personality, Charlie Moore, The Mad Fisherman.

Here are some production photos from the
very fun shoot we had last week with Twisted Tea.

Verne and his assistant Ben building the set the day before the shoot.

Prepping the product

Charlie in hair and make-up with Christine from Ennis.

Creating a splash to be added later in post.

The Mad Fisherman on set.

Creative Director Scott Watters keeping a careful eye on every detail.

Its a wrap! The exhausted and proud crew!

Here’s the final!