We shot portraits of the New England Patriots
at the Mayo Bowl event, a fundraiser for Pitching in for Kids


The host of the Mayo Bowl, Jerod Mayo…


and Jerod in the flesh.


Matt Light and a guest waiting for their turn on the lanes.

Kim Zayotti and Erin Perron
from Blue Sky Sports Entertainment taking in the action.

Some of the Bowlers/Patriots:


Tully Banta-Cain…


Eric Alexander…

Gary Gutyon…


Randy Moss making a surprise (undercover) appearance…


and Brandon Meriweather.


The Superbowl of Cakes!


Whew, all that fun is exhausting!
Assistant Rob and Producer Michele
relaxing at the end of the night.


Final portrait images coming soon!


Imperfection doesn’t stand a chance when you hire Michael Indresano.

Pick your favorite and let us know by writing comments.
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OCD Photographer steaming his socks!


OCD Photographer combing the rug fringe!

Yard Work
OCD Photographer color sorting the fall clean-up!

OCD Photographer arranging peas while dinner guests patiently wait!


Our latest shot for our Self-Promotion Campaign with Fort Franklin.
Breakfast with Michael Indresano Photography
is a unique and precise experience.

Begins with a layout.

A few dozen eggs, to find the perfectly round yolk.

Hire a food stylist, like Travis Grandon.


A few instruments for cutting and shaping.

Travis to continually whip up a froth in the orange juice.

Bacon rejects, stolen by the Sparky the cat.

Meticulous placement of the eating implements.

Yes, an exacto and tweezers should do the trick.

Review the options….


Presto, Breakfast is served!


Last week we shot aerobatic aviator Mike Goulian

and his team of Goulian Aerosports.


Team member (and mechanic) Matt Chapman
tuning and cleaning the planes for the shoot


The photo crew setting up


Mike and Karin Goulian reviewing some of the first picks.


Videographer Sasha Lekic and assistants Joel Laino and James Duong

testing the smoke machine.


It works!

Group photo of the racing team with that smoky background.
(L-R Dennis Sawyer, Mike Goulian, Jenn Staretorp, Brad Huelsman)

Michael working on the details.

Sasha working on the filming.


Joel, Michael, and Michele
along with Karin discussing the possibilities.


Mike being interviewed by Sasha,

Video coming to the blog soon!

“Take a moment to step into my shoes,
see what I see, and feel what I feel when flying.” ~ Mike Goulian


A shoot we did for these massive chromatography machines.
Chromatography you ask?

Chromatography is a physical method of separation in which
the components to be separated are distributed between two phases,
one of which is stationary (stationary phase)
while the other (the mobile phase) moves in a definite direction.
(thanks Wikipedia!)

We didn’t have to understand how to use these machines, (thankfully!)
we just needed Michael’s expertise with lighting to make them glow.