After excitement and anticipation had been building in the studio for nine months, on June 25th 2012, my wife, Millie, and I welcomed our first child into this world and our hearts swelled with love and joy.

Welcome Natalia Zheng Indresano, a perfect baby girl.

We know this little one will not be camera shy!


We all decided to give up our summer diets for one day only when the smell of freshly baked  pizza permeated the studio last month.  There was no escaping the grip this cheesy goodness had on our senses – it smelled so good even the camera couldn’t get enough…

After a day of shooting and help from master food stylist, Catrine Kelty, we delivered the ad-worthy shot above.  The ad is featured in this month’s BJ’s journal.

Catrine uses a heat gun to keep the cheese nice and melty until Michael gets the perfect shot.

Doubling as a prop stylist, Catrine never fails to bring a wide array of props… this lady really knows what she’s doing.

Close-up of the heat gun in action… must keep that cheese melted to remain picture perfect!

Michael studies the layouts to make sure the lighting is perfect.

***CLIENTS!  New feature: All of the images Michael shoots on set can be viewed real-time on the oversized flat screen TV in our client sitting area.  Now you can sit back, relax, and oversee the shoot from the comforts of the massage chair!

After a long day, it’s time to serve up some hot slices.


Our good friends at Tivoli Audio recently came out with some sleek new products and we couldn’t wait to get them in the studio to show them off.

Enjoy some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot below!

We like to call this our HERO shot.

It’s not every day you see a pair of levitating noise-cancelling headphones… but we try to work our magic when we can.

A look behind behind-the-lens, from the photographer’s perspective.

Highly experienced in organizing electronic wires, Michael puts his glasses down for a little prop styling.

The final ad.  These sleek headphones are now available for purchase on!