Paris anyone? We were delighted to find out that we struck gold in the prestigious Prix de la Photographie (Px3) photo competition recently. In addition, we were selected for the gallery show exhibition which opens in Paris on June 29th.  The award was for a series of ads created for the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence to create awareness to the issue of domestic violence. We also would like to give special thanks to creative director  Tim Needham for his vision for the shoot.


Range Design called Michael to create a unique shot:
looking UP from inside a puddle!
It looks like a sunny day inside Indresano Studio.
This boot’s really strung up.
Stylist Bonnie Anderson is on hand to ‘make it rain’.
A lot goes into being a puddle-
Not a piece of equipment was spared.
It wasn’t easy for Michael to allow this much dirt in his studio,
but look how it paid off!