Floyd Sipe, the “Floyd” of Floyd Factory, revising layouts.


The star of the day, showing off his tricks.

David working on the copy.


Michael training the dog, his favorite kind; no shedding, no mess.


Cable TV


Go Fetch!



Michael recently photographed four of Boston’s top chefs
for the cover of Boston’s Scene Magazine Holiday Issue.

Editor in Chief Lauren Bayliss and Jazz Martin both from Scene,
and Chef Damien DiPaola setting up.

Publisher/Creative Director Bobby DiMarzo supervising.

Hair & Make-up Stylist Michelle McGrath from Team with Chef Joanne Chang.

Jazz and Bobby checking out the dishes.

The chefs taking a quick break….
(thank you Waterworks Condos for your hospitality)…while Michael and Lauren review the shots.


(L-R) Nello Caccioppoli 0f Umbria, Dante de Magistris of dante,
Joanne Chang of Meyers & Chang, Damien DiPaola of Ristorante Damiano


Martha McPartlin of Seidler Bernstein,

enlisted Indresano Photography to create a futuristic image
for a 3D live cell imaging device for PerkinElmer

The future is NOW!

Our multi-talented model/make-up artist Elena Lyakir in the make-up room

 Producer Michele  and our Bookkeeper Christine
having breakfast in the office, can’t work on an empty stomach!

Michael, Art Director Alla Litovchenko and model Elena reviewing shots

Elena’s son keeping busy while mommy works


Sisters on set, yes the art director and the model are sisters.


Somebody was ready to go home, good thing it was a wrap!


The Final Image