Good luck to all the runners!
(and all the drivers trying to navigate around the runners)

Michael photographed Marathon Legend,
Johnny A. Kelley near his home on the Cape, in 2001 at age 94!

Johnny A. Kelley (1907-2004)
1935 and 1945 Boston Marathon Champion.
Two time Olympian (’36, ’48).
Competed in a record 61 Boston Marathons!
He completed his last Boston Marathon in 1992 at the age of 84.


Last week we shot aerobatic aviator Mike Goulian

and his team of Goulian Aerosports.


Team member (and mechanic) Matt Chapman
tuning and cleaning the planes for the shoot


The photo crew setting up


Mike and Karin Goulian reviewing some of the first picks.


Videographer Sasha Lekic and assistants Joel Laino and James Duong

testing the smoke machine.


It works!

Group photo of the racing team with that smoky background.
(L-R Dennis Sawyer, Mike Goulian, Jenn Staretorp, Brad Huelsman)

Michael working on the details.

Sasha working on the filming.


Joel, Michael, and Michele
along with Karin discussing the possibilities.


Mike being interviewed by Sasha,

Video coming to the blog soon!

“Take a moment to step into my shoes,
see what I see, and feel what I feel when flying.” ~ Mike Goulian


Michael recently photographed four of Boston’s top chefs
for the cover of Boston’s Scene Magazine Holiday Issue.

Editor in Chief Lauren Bayliss and Jazz Martin both from Scene,
and Chef Damien DiPaola setting up.

Publisher/Creative Director Bobby DiMarzo supervising.

Hair & Make-up Stylist Michelle McGrath from Team with Chef Joanne Chang.

Jazz and Bobby checking out the dishes.

The chefs taking a quick break….
(thank you Waterworks Condos for your hospitality)…while Michael and Lauren review the shots.


(L-R) Nello Caccioppoli 0f Umbria, Dante de Magistris of dante,
Joanne Chang of Meyers & Chang, Damien DiPaola of Ristorante Damiano


At times we have to venture out of the studio-
it’s a good thing Michael owns this warehouse space.
It takes a lot of set-up for this kind of shoot, but the crew enjoys the challenge.

Intern Robyn Maguire earns her keep making that car shine, while Digital Tech Rob Coshow “supervises” (a.k.a. slacks off).


A behind-the-scenes peek at how Michael perfects his acclaimed lighting.
Chevy Dealership Owner, Gary Beard,
takes a shot of his Camaro for the last time.


Rob inspects the set-up while Greg stands in for Dustin.


Dustin’s arrival.


Pedroia gets ready for a quick outfit change, with assistance from WEEI‘s, Emily Starr and Melissa Capuano.


Handing over the keys: The Camaro is Dustin’s for the summer, then one lucky winner gets to keep it!

Lunchpail Production‘s Videographer, Jason Jenkins, covered the shoot.

Play his video for complete coverage of the shoot:


For the first time, someone actually tells Jack what to do… Art Director Brendan Stevens, from the Boston Globe, giving direction.

Brendan and Jack having a private moment.

Jack and Suzy Welch.

Our final shot: Jack on the cover of The Boston Globe Magazine.