The cold and snow were too slow to leave Boston, and Indresano team was impatient for warmer weather! So they packed up their gear and went down to sunny San Diego for a video shoot.

Once the crew scouted out the best location, they got right down to business getting all the gear set and ready!

Our Production Coordinator Shannon filled in as the interviewee in order to adjust lighting and sound just right for the videos. But that didn’t stop her from working!

Notice anything about the window frames? Here’s a hint- it involved a lot of taping! We covered the black frames in white in order to create the perfect background for the shot

With everything all ready to go, our professional interviewer got everything underway.

It takes a great crew to film a strong interview!

After two days of prep and filming, our team had just enough time left in San Diego to visit the seals in La Jolla.

 Jayna and Shannon even managed to snag a ‘seal’fie with one of them!



“Setting up” on location for today’s shoot is Producer
Michele Doucette, Assistant Rob Coshow, and Homeowner Peggy.


Tivoli’s Art Director Jean Tse,
Ennis’s Prop Stylist Eileen Eisele, and intern Taylor.

Rob’s getting his caffeine fix.

Michael’s working hard while the everyone takes a look on the laptop.

Jean sure looks happy. Bet she didn’t know that Michael’s shooting her behind!

The Gang’s All Here! Reviewing the day’s shots.


Peggy takes a peek at how beautiful her home will look in the catalog.

Ta da! Here are some of the final shots.