Since spring skipped Boston, we moved straight into summer! Our good friends at BJ’s Wholesale Club asked us to help out with their summer preview member journal and we were ready for a little sunshine in the studio. It was super fun to work with the kids and the team at BJ’s; who wouldn’t want to spend a day at the beach!

2013016_Bjs_3Kids_0074     These adorable kids from The Model Club are ready for the beach!


    Cindi Emery holds court giving the kids a pep talk before they go on set.


    The array of beachwear.


Kacie Corbelle from Ennis works her magic on the talent as Cindi “The Child Whisperer” gets the best performance from kids!


This beats going to school! Right?…….


    …Well, not when you have to have your haircut! This little guy was a trooper.


    The parents relax in our client area and can keep an eye on set by watching the TV tethered to the camera.


    Victoria shows Natalia the activity on set. She might follow in Dad’s footsteps behind the camera!


We’ve been shooting apparel like crazy in the studio lately, so we wanted give a shout out to some of the highly talented wardrobe stylists and makeup/hair artists (some who we’ve worked with before, others brand new to the studio) who have helped to make our shoots so successful over the past couple weeks.  Thank you, Ennis, for providing us with such delightfully skilled talent!  They have been a pleasure to work with.

Abby Beilagus picks out the perfect outfit.

Lori Green touches up our model’s makeup on set between shots.

Abby and Lori work in tandem to create the perfect look in our dressing room.

Stylist, Eileen Eisele, prepares the clothing for the perfect shot.

Wardrobe stylist, Evan Crothers, puts the finishing touches on some sporty attire, moments before Michael begins to shoot.

Makeup and hair stylist, Kacie Corbelle, perfects our model’s makeup before sending her off to set.