Once we saw the concepts for this shoot we were really excited. It was an action packed day as food stylist Mary, had to fly in for this one day shoot. We had four different flavored smoothies to shoot, along with hero shots of each fruit. The final ads came out awesome – see them below and also take a look at the behind-the-scenes photos!


Our attention to detail is so important to us, we break out the Pantone book to match the color of the smoothie.

The Few.  The Proud.  The Hero Fruit!

Is Michael using magic to suspend the strawberry in mid-air?

Michael creates the perfect water drop.


We’ve been known to do a few behind-the-scenes videos in our day, but a few months ago we decided it was time to do something a little different; a bit more… unexpected.  We wanted to take our audience (you) on a journey through an actual ice cream photo shoot, to see what really goes into getting that perfect shot of mouth-watering, creamy-cool goodness… but through the “eyes” of the ice cream, itself.  Our client, Baskin-Robbins, was kind enough to let us put their delectable ice cream on stage for its 15 minutes of fame… resulting in our short video, “Life of a Scoop.” (keep scrolling down)

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the video shoot to whet your palette.

Michael and Justin set up the shot so it looks great from every angle.

Ice cream stylist, Mary–always a good sport–wore a flattering GoPro Helmet Cam so that we could all take an intimate look inside the life of an ice cream scoop.

Swirling the ice cream tub (as Mary cut it in half) created some cool visual effects for our video.

Please LIKE our video on the APA Short Video Contest page to increase our rating in the contest… it’ll only take a second and we’ll owe you a scoop.  Enjoy the show!

[wpvideo ZcyLDIV7]


Now that the weather has turned cold, we thought it would be nice to share a warm ice cream shoot we just shot. Food stylist Sunny Ricks helped us with some fantastic work making the ice cream look great. Now that we are past the darkest day of the year, lets hope for a short winter so we can eat cold ice cream again!

The finished results

Sunny carefully adjusts the waffle.

It takes one sheet of brownies to make one chocolate waffle hero.

Sunny adds the finishing touches to the sundae.



We could not have been more excited to see the Captain America shield up close for a recent Baskin Robbins photo shoot.

We don’t get a chance to see such an iconic movie prop everyday, so it was definitely the star of the shoot.  It arrived in a wooden crate straight from Hollywood, and we thought it would be fun to answer some questions that our inquiring readers may have;

Yes, it weighs more than the 12 pounds Marvel Comics claims.

Yes, it is very expensive.  We can only imagine the insurance policy must be similar to these items/body parts.

Yes, we had to give it back. Too bad, they probably noticed if we tried to pull a switch-a-roo

No, we did not test to see if it would stop bullets. We did notice that it would stop a goat. 

No, Chris Evans did not come along (sorry, ladies)

Be sure to check out the movie on July 22nd and get a scoop of Super Soldier Swirl!


Could all these perfect scoops be real or is Michael dreaming?
He must be dreaming- they’re all numbered and on their own plate!

Michael may want his scoops in a grid,
but Michele prefers hers with a shallow depth of field and a cherry on top.