Here come… the Men in Black. (again)

While we may secretly wish that we could announce we shot Will Smith’s promo portraits for the upcoming Men in Black III premiere here at the studio, we are proud to say that we did play a fun role in the promotion of the new film, which premieres nationwide this Memorial Day weekend.

We had the unique opportunity to help kick off ice cream season with some of Baskin-Robbins’ new flavor tie-ins to MIB III, which is predicted to be a summer blockbuster.  Enjoy some of our behind-the-scenes shots below, and indulge yourself in a scoop (or two or three) at your nearest Baskin-Robbins store this weekend.  What better way to kick off summer than with some Lunar Cheesecake or Pink Surprise Cake ice cream, a Spacey Sundae, or the new Triple Mocha Cappuccino Blast?

Aliens invaded the studio for one day only — though we had to do some hand grooming before taking them on set.

Prop designer, Shannon Shea (“The Captain”) flew in from Los Angeles to “handle” our alien hand. He paid close attention to every intricate detail on the hand, which was actually used in MIB III.

Cradled by alien hands, Lunar Cheesecake ice cream makes its debut on set.  Videographer, Justin, captures some behind-the-scenes footage in the background.

Michael works his magic behind the lens, capturing the perfect angle of the Triple Mocha Cappuccino Blast.

We think the final ad turned out great!

Have an extra 30 seconds? Check out our video to get an even closer look behind-the-scenes:

[wpvideo kVkyQAHm]



Here’s our mission!
The mocha is jumping off the page. It almost looks real!

Food Stylist, John Carafoli, getting some help from
Studio Assistant, Robyn Maguire.

I guess that swirl wasn’t good enough for John. Nothing but the best.

-No Trespassing-
This means you, Michele! And your little toy camera!

Getting kicked out of the kitchen was great inspiration.

Account Manager, Kate May, trying to get some work done.

Creative Director, Neil Martin, doing some backseat styling.

Neil’s not an easy man to please. Poor John.

Everything gets organized here. You shouldn’t expect anything less with the OCD Photographer around.

Neil’s gone crazy by the end of the day.
Maybe he had too much caffeine.


Your favorite Coolatta flavors get topped with delicious
soft serve ice cream.


There’s no need to lick your computer screens.
Keep an eye out for these
Coolatta Floats at Dunkin’ Donuts.

(Just in time for all this hot weather!)