For a few months now, the studio has been taking the initiative to go green. We have been using a great company, Casella Waste Systems to handle our recycling. The great thing is that we don’t have to sort the recyclables. We put all of our cardboard, paper,  plastics, glass, and metal into one container and they separate them using a huge machine. Even though it is a cost to the studio, it is definitely worth helping the environment.

The studio used to drink case upon case of bottled water.  After realizing how detrimental plastic bottles are to the environment we decided to switch to a water fountain thanks to Stonybrook Water which has a multiple filter system.


We wanted to do something extra special this year for our studio holiday card, so we asked some close friends to help. Tim Neeedham came up with the clever idea of a photoshoot with Frosty in a remote mountain location. Since the weather was not cooperating with providing us snow, prop stylist extraordinaire, Sara Mills-Broffman  helped us creatively make our model. Once we had the different elements shot, we had retoucher, Alan Woolwine put the final scene together.

Have a wonderful holiday wherever you may be!

Sara Mills-Broffman gives Frosty another coat of snow.

Always a cheerful model, no matter how long on set.

This Frosty would never melt in a greenhouse! Take notice Hinkle!

Sophia, our adorable new studio mascot jumped in to pose with Frosty.


Santa found the time to come to the studio last week for a quick photo shoot for Scene Magazine before the big night out later this month.

Hair and make-up artist, Rochelle Orlando gets Amber Shonts from Maggie Inc. ready for the shoot.

Scene Magazine Editor in Chief, Lauren Bayliss makes sure the presents look good enough for a Christmas morning.

Editorial Intern Lauren Rumrill helps Santa with his boots.

Santa gives Amber some art direction while looking at the shoot with his iPad.


A few months ago we were given the challenge of having to create holiday light backgrounds while making the products stand out and look great. It was not any easy job, but the final results below which just came into the Staples stores across the country, are nearly identical to what we accomplished in camera. One added benefit from the shoot is  now we have plenty of lights to decorate the studio!

Jen and Kendra worked hard to create these beautiful backgrounds.

Michael gave the electronics the white glove treatment, this was the perfect job for the OCD photographer!


We could not think of a better way to wrap up the summer with a new blog and some photos to remind us of the great weather we had.

Michael had some fun shooting underwater on the weekends between working with clients during the week. Have a look and enjoy!




Indresano Photography would like to introduce you to our newest member of our team. Meet Hassy; our Swedish import, dedicated to making our images sing and our clients happy.

The great folks at EP Levine helped us get the latest Apple Mac Pro Tower and LED Cinema display synched to make sure that the huge, yet stunning files the Hasselblad H4-50 produces to can be shown to our clients instantly. Or if they prefer to relax in our massage chair, they can watch the the shoot progress in real time on an iPad. We are excited to use it next week on an upcoming shoot!

In no time the new camera is comfortable in Michael’s hands as he takes it for his first test drive.
Millie, (from left) Michael, and Corey listen to Shawn from EP Levine explain the capabilities of the new camera and capture software.