I have worked with Michael Indresano on multiple occasions and I consider him to be among the best, both behind the scenes and behind the lens. He is a true professional who takes pride in his work and works hard for his clients. He turns images into works of art. His true passion for his work, attention to detail, a near obsession to quality, integrity and honesty in business and personal details, make him a pleasure in which to work.

- Stacey James, VP of Media Relations, New England Patriots


The reasons for his success are no mystery. For starters, he brings a unique blend of focus, precision and creativity to his work that simply doesn’t exist elsewhere in Boston. But beyond the work is his attention to his surroundings and the big picture experience- how he interacts with clients, their experience inside and outside the studio, and the obvious care he takes in crafting his workplace- again both inside and out.

- Patrick Gray, VP/ Executive Creative Director, State Street Corporation


I’ve worked with Michael a number of times. I’m always amazed how he’s able to find the exact unique angle of an object that I would have never thought of. It’s truly what sets his work apart.

- Todd Riddle, Executive Creative Director, Deutsch Agency


Thanks to Michael’s efforts, several of the projects we’ve worked on have won national and international awards for excellence in design, photography and production techniques.

- Tom Laidlaw, Creative Director at Laidlaw Group


Michael’s professionalism, generosity, and craftsmanship make him a phenomenal asset to the Boston business scene.

- Ed Parks, Sr. Art Director, McCann


One of the most compelling reasons so many art directors like working with Michael is that he has a unique studio space – something that you won’t find anywhere else in Boston. He truly understands the needs and support environment required to execute and produce compelling and competitive creative.

- MeLissa Mips-Medungo, AVP of Digital and Creative Services, BJ’s Wholesale Club


As a long-time client of Michael Indresano Photography, I am continually amazed by not only the quality and artistry of his work, but also the integrity and client-centricity with which he conducts his business.

- Diane Boulanger, Creative Director, AAA Southern New England


As an art director, I always feel taken care of and know that my clients do as well. While making everyone else comfortable, Michael is always working, always delivering more than I ask for.

- Tracy Sullivan, Sr. Art Director, tmp.worldwide


My staff and I truly enjoyed our time in [the] studio and were very impressed with the images, professionalism and expertise displayed.

- Martin J. Walsh, Mayor of Boston


I appreciate [Michael’s] thoughtfulness and efforts and I’m grateful for [his] work.

- Edward M Kennedy, Former US Senator (MA-D)

"Michael Indresano's reputation for quality, perfection, and excellence made him the ideal person for this job. Only someone of his caliber could capture the fine craftsmanship, high quality, and sheer beauty of the Seapoint Estate. The video the Indresano team produced played an important role in displaying the magnificent Estate. It was a pleasure working with Michael and his team."

-Robert Kinlin, Owner and Founder of Robert Paul Properties